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Surface Repair Systems

Repairing damaged acrylic, fiberglass, solid surface, or porcelain? Surface Repair Supplies has you covered!  We offer the industry-leading Redux™ brand of surface preparation materials and coatings systems, and Halcon™ spray equipment, developed specifically for the resurfacing and repair industries.

High-Performance Products

We provide the highest quality materials, tested and backed by the industry-leading manufacturer, Hawk Labs. 

Markets Served

Bath Dealers, Retailers & Installers

Looking for a versatile surface repair system that’s ideal for use on porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, solid surface, stone, and metal? We can help!

  • Precisely color-matched to your preferred bath brands
  • Single-use kits for resale
  • Larger size containers for multiple in-store, field, and warranty repairs

Hot Tub/Spa Dealers, Retailers & Installers

The combination of complex multi-color designs, and hot, chemically-treated water, creates challenging surface repair conditions. These critical hot tub and spa surface repairs require a superior repair system. We’ve got you covered!

  • Formulated to match acrylic manufacturer’s specifications
  • Single-use kits for resale
  • Larger size containers for multiple in-store, field, and warranty repairs

Resurfacing and Repair Professionals

The high-performance surface repair systems used by resurfacing and repair professionals on a variety of substrates.

  • A comprehensive line for a variety of applications
  • Single-use kits
  • Larger size containers for repair professionals’ multiple projects

Stone Restoration  Professionals

A variety of stone repair kits designed to meet the challenges of repairing and restoring the most common stone surfaces. 

  • A comprehensive line for a variety of applications and stone types
  • Multi-use kits including options for color-matching to today’s popular stone design styles
  • Recognized by experienced stone restoration professionals for their ease of use and durability

Surface Repair Supplies Overview

Efficiently achieving a seamless repair can be challenging. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all repair materials, or pre-packaged kits filled with useless items that go to waste! Choose the right surface preparation, coatings, finishing compounds, and equipment for your specific application.

When choosing the best products for your application, there are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Substrate
  • Size and type of repair
  • Location of repair
  • Color
  • Desired gloss level
  • Preferred coating application method

Surface Repair Supplies can help you select the ideal materials for your needs, or mix-and-match from our recommended products lists.

Redux™ 100 Series
Fillers, Foam, & Fiberglass Repair Kits

  • Redux 110 – High-Build Filler
  • Redux 130 – High-Performance Spa Filler
  • Redux 150 – Pourable Foam

The Redux 100 series of fillers come in three convenient formulas, suitable for repairing most solid surfaces. Redux 110 is a high-build formula for a firm set, while the Redux 130 high-performance spa filler formula is the ideal choice for repairs below the water line.  Redux 150 Pourable Foam is formulated to expand to 10x its size, delivering structural support beneath weak bathtub or shower pan bottoms.

Redux™ 200 Series
Bonding Agents

  • Redux 210 – Universal Bonding Agent

The first step to ensuring the maximum lifespan of a surface repair is quality preparation.  Begin each repair with a light coat of Redux 210 Universal Bonding Agent, to ensure the optimal coating adhesion.

Redux™ 400 Series
2K Primer Systems

  • Redux 410 Two-Part Primer System

The Redux 410 Primer System is a two-component, low odor, low VOC fast-dry primer. As a polyamide-cured epoxy system, it’s specifically designed as a high-build primer with superior inter-coat adhesion over a variety of substrates.

Redux™ 500 Series
1K Topcoat Systems

  • Redux 510 One-Part Topcoat System

The Redux 510 System is a high-performance, one-part, high-solids acrylic coating. This simple, ready-to-use formula, was developed specifically for repairing a variety of hard substrates in demanding or high-moisture environments, and can be easily applied using an airbrush, spray equipment or a paint brush.

Redux™ 600 Series
2K Topcoat Systems

  • Redux 610 Two-Part Topcoat System (Baths)
  • Redux 650 Two-Part Topcoat System (Hot Tubs/Spas)

    The Redux 610 and 650 Systems are proprietary high-performance, two-part cross-linked, non-isocyanate coating systems. These extremely durable, low odor, and low VOC formulas, were developed specifically for repairing a variety of hard substrates in demanding or high-moisture environments, and can be easily applied using either air brush, HVLP spray equipment or with a brush for finer detailed work.

Redux™ 700 Series
Finishing Compounds

  • Redux 710 – Coarse Buffing Compound
  • Redux 730 – Medium Buffing Compound
  • Redux 750 – Polishing Compound

Add the finishing touches to a surface repair with the highest quality buffing and polishing compounds in the industry. 

Redux™800 Series

  • Redux 820 – Tints
  • Redux 830 – Dispersions
  • Redux 840 – Repair Blender
  • Redux 850 – Traction Additive

Sometimes a repair requires a little extra customization. The Redux 800 series of additives offer the tools needed to make color, gloss level, and blending adjustments on-site.


  • Redux Surface Wash
  • Redux Spray Gun Cleaner
  • D/2 Biological Solution

A good repair requires a clean substrate and clean spray equipment. The Redux and D/2 Cleaners are specially formulated to address these critical components of any surface repair.

Bath and Spa Repair Kits

  • Universal Bath Repair Kits
  • OEM Color-Matched Spa Repair Kits

Check out our handy cross-reference table to choose the right kit for your needs.



    Stainless Steel Repair Kits

    • Scratch-B-Gone® Stainless Steel Repair Kits

    Scratch-B-Gone Repair Kits from Barry’s Restore It All Products are the original and only recognized repair kit for the finishing of stainless steel by all the leading manufacturers, service providers, and contractors.


    • Scratch Repair Kits
    • Deluxe Stone Repair Kits
    • Natural Stone Repair Kits
    • Last Patch™ Limestone Repair Kits
    • Granite & Marble Repair Kits
    • Stone Patch Color Chip Kits

    Stone Repair Kits from Bonstone Materials® are recognized by experienced stone restoration professionals for their ease of use and durability. 


    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Mixing Cups
    • Stir Sticks

    Spray Equipment

    • Halcon™ HVLP Spray Systems
    • Iwata® Airbrush Systems



    Our Triple Pledge

    What makes Surface Repair Supplies different from other online competitors? We are powered by Hawk, the industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance coatings, to provide our customers with what we call our “Triple Pledge”:


    The manufacturing and global distribution infrastructure required to support growing businesses.

    Backward integration into manufacturing


    300,000 cubic feet of warehouse storage space


    Warehouses and distribution centers worldwide


    Disciplined fulfillment processes


    The largest network of repair technicians across North America


    Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) customer service agents available M-F from 7:30 AM CST - 5:00 PM CST


    24/7 online ordering


    Custom solutions that solve critical operational challenges.



    Scalable packaging options, from commercial quantities to single-use kits


    Precision custom color-matching


    Private label capabilities


    Direct and drop-ship fulfillment options


    Complex customer support, including multiple billing or shipping addresses, dealer/franchise programs and more


    More than 40 years of coatings formulation, manufacturing, distribution, and application experience.

    Proven industry-leading products


    Fully appointed R&D lab, led by a PhD Scientist


    State-of-the-art colorimeter equipment for precision color matching


    ASTM quality and performance product testing


    Technical and troubleshooting support


    Applications and product training through Hawk University

    The best surface repair solutions

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